EX1 Cosmetics


Frequently asked questions

Does EX1 Cosmetics test ingredients or finished products on animals?

None of our finished products and/or ingredients are tested on animals, neither through our manufacturers nor through a third party. We can also confirm that we are not affiliated with any companies that test products or ingredients on animals and we do not have any plans to sell our products in any market that requires animal testing by law.

Are the products suitable for vegetarians and/or vegans?

None of our products contain any animal derivatives making them suitable for vegetarians and vegans, except the Delete Concealer which contains beeswax, which may make this product unsuitable for vegans. Please note that they are not yet certified as either vegan or vegetarian.

You say the products are suitable for vegetarians, but some products include squalane.

Yes, the minerals do contain squalane, however our squalane is derived from the saponified fraction of olive oil and is not of animal origin. All our products are produced in a lab which does not allow any cross contamination either. Please note that at the moment we are not certified as either vegetarian or vegan but we are looking into this.

I live abroad do you ship internationally?

You can purchase our products via www.lookfantastic.com shipping is free worldwide! Please check the retailer’s website as not all countries are covered.

I haven’t received my order, can you help?

Unfortunately, we are simply the manufacturers and we do not sell to members of the public directly but only through our verified retailers. You will need to go back to the retailer you purchased the products from and speak to them. We are very sorry and hope that the matter is resolved swiftly.

Do you work with bloggers/vloggers?

Yes we do, send us an email to info@EX1cosmetics.com to be added to our files.

Can I request samples?

Unfortunately we are unable to give out samples at this time.

HELP – What foundation colour am I?

If you are struggling to match your foundation, send us over an email to info@EX1cosmetics.com along with a picture that you think best reflects your skin tone and some information on your current foundation.  We will try our best to help, but please note the suggestion is just a guide and we cannot guarantee an exact match.

In a rush? If you know your foundation colour in MAC then use our foundation colour chart, alternatively go to www.findation.com where you can match your current foundation to a MAC one and then ours.