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Do you have Asian, Mediterranean,  Far/Middle Eastern, Pale Olive, Dark Golden skin? If so, like scientist 🤓 and beauty junkie Farah Naz, you know that drugstore foundation matches really suck for skin like ours.
Farah felt it wasn't right that her and her friends ended up breaking the bank account just to get a shade match 🙄 What's worse is from years of working with the same labs that make foundation for the world's  biggest high end foundation brands.
Farah knew the formula only really cost a measly £2-3 to make 🤦🏽‍♀️
That's why she created EX1 Cosmetics, the £12.50 which gave such freakishly good matches that even Hollywood celebs ditched their high end foundations and switched to EX1 foundations. 
Switch to EX1 foundation TODAY and like MILLIONS of others benefit from beautiful looks skin and save a tonne of cash in the process ❤️


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