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by Nitesh Sharoff | 1 min read | Jan 8th 2018


Sometimes, finding a foundation that ticks all the right boxes seems harder than getting your hands on a pair of furry Gucci loafers.

You’ve got dry skin so you need a foundation that hydrates but doesn’t look shiny. You want an uber-glowy Bella Hadid finish, but you also need it to cover those random red patches.

Then there’s getting the shade right. You’re pale but with a yellow undertone. You’ve got olive skin but you don’t want to look ashy. You’ve got black skin and the mystery of finding a brand that actually does a shade dark enough is too much.

Don’t even get us started on nailing that dream Insta-worthy flawless matte finish without the foundation feeling cakey or getting caught in your face hair. Yes, that’s a thing.

The list of possibilities is endless, and thankfully there’s a foundation to match every need, but sometimes even that can feel overwhelming.

Finding the best foundation in a sea of products, whether online or on Boots’ shelves IRL, can be way too stressful. There’s so many finishes and formulas and ingredients, how are you possibly meant to know which one will make your skin look like Zoe Kravitz meets Blake Lively with a dash of Emma Stone’s porcelain loveliness?

This is how. You gather the world’s best make-up artists and get them to decide for you. Genius.

Tried, tested and used backstage and on celebs 24/7, these are the foundations that make-up artists actually use. Trust, they’re the best in the biz.

Check out our edit of the best foundations for every skin tone, concern, finish… you name it, we’ve got a make-up pro recommended foundation for it.

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