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by Nitesh Sharoff | 0 mins read | Jan 9th 2018


Founded by biochemist Farah Naz, EX1 is a base based brand that specialises in makeup for women and men with yellow undertones. Many Southeast Asian and Middle Eastern women struggle to find foundation that mimics their natural colouring, in the Western market in particular, and Farah forged ahead with EX1 after failing to meet her match within conventional brand offerings. The Invisiwear Liquid Foundation, £12.50, is not only one of the greatest bargains I’ve come across in the beauty industry, but it’s infused with luminosity enhancing light diffusing pigments and provides oil-free coverage that knocks back dullness, blemishes and blotchiness without caking. The purple and peach toned blushers (£9.50) are also affordable and spot-on for boosting warmth while giving any unwanted yellowness the heave-ho.

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