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by Nitesh Sharoff | 0 mins read | Jan 9th 2018

Face: “I wanted to concentrate on giving Kate gorgeous skin while keeping it a bit monochromatic, using Ex1 Invisiwear Liquid Foundation, Delete Concealer and Invisiwear Compact Powder. To create her flawless foundation I used a few different shades in order to highlight and shade different areas of Kate’s face. I think it really helps if you use a few different shades when doing your foundation. Using only one shade can sometimes give you a bit of a flat look and that is not what I wanted here. For her T-zone area, I used EX1 Invisiwear Liquid Foundation in 2.0, and to contour her cheeks, temples and along her hairline I used 5.0 and 6.0 – the 6.0 was for her cheekbones.”

“I concealed under her eyes and around her nose with EX1 Delete Concealer D100 and powdered her with Inviswear Compact Powder P100 on her T-zone and P300 on her cheeks, temples and along the hairline – basically everywhere I used the darker foundation. Also by doing it this way, we didn’t need to use any blush or bronzers. Just kept it very simple and clean with different foundation shades.”

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