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by Nitesh Sharoff | 1 min read | Jan 9th 2018

Makeup Artist Vincent Oquendo created a stunning look for Dove Cameron as she promoted her movie Descendants 2 in NYC. He spilled his must-have tool for gorgeous skin and makeup, plus the exact how to on her look. “Skin is so important and that’s why I am obsessed with the DERMAFLASH,” Vincent said. “The DERMAFLASH gives clients their best skin. There’s no such thing as mature skin versus young skin; you can have peach fuzz at any age. Skin is just skin! Fresh skin is always in and DERMAFLASH gets you there. The summer is when you put your best skin forward! During this warm weather, it allows the makeup to hug the skin tighter and extends the wear a little longer. Wearability is quintessential to my job especially when doing summer press.”

Vincent continued: “Descendants 2 is a cult film and Dove’s makeup look is so key to her character. I’ve never had the pleasure of recreating [her character] Mal’s makeup, and it was such an honor to put my spin on this look! I had to put my signature on this very signature look. It was a little unnerving, but I wanted to make sure she still looked pretty and approachable for her fans. First, I DERMAFLASHed her skin to give her the smoothest canvas possible and used the Sisley Black Rose Cream Mask followed by Ex1 foundation, which plays nicely with freshly-flashed skin. Then, I used Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage concealer, to lightly cover any spots. The face is so much about a balance, and because the skin is so glowy and radiant, it’s important to use a drier consistency concealer. When you use too many emollient products, the skin will be too slippery and shiny.

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