Recognised as the world’s #1 brand exclusively made for olive skin tones, EX1 Cosmetics has taken the beauty world by storm for its ground-breaking range of complexion-based products catering to olive skin. Known as the go-to brand for Hollywood’s hottest A-Listers, supermodels and pop stars alike, EX1 Cosmetics was created by makeup lover and biochemist Farah Naz after struggling to find a foundation that wasn’t too orange or too pink for her olive skin tone. Featuring a completely unique blend of olive tones ranging from very fair to deep tan, EX1’s products are designed to seamlessly micro match olive skin tones or for those who just want to make their skin glow like a superstar.

Created in the world’s leading laboratories alongside the world’s best selling designer brands, Farah’s award-winning products are affordable without compromising quality. No cruelty, no parabens, no compromise.


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