The new glazed body trend is EVERYWHERE…

When it comes to beauty trends. This one really takes the biscuit. Or should we say the doughnut. Yep, for 2022 the biggest trend so far has been inspired from Krispy Kreme. We are not kidding. Although it is more the finish than the doughnut itself. Yes, we are talking about the glazed skin trend currently taking over social media.

Championed by Hailey Bieber, who FYI is a fan of EX1 Cosmetics Invisiwear Foundation and has been seen wearing shade 6.0, posted a photo on Instagram with her skin looking ultra-glossy and super-hydrated with the doughnut emoji. Within hours there were reels, tik toks and insta posts about how to achieve the perfectly glazed a la Hailey finish.

It’s not the first time the Hailey has referenced herself to this confectionary delight. Back in April 2021 she posted about getting into bed slathered in cream every night and if she wasn’t glazed like a doughnut she needed more. Apparently, she will keep adding layers or moisturiser, finishing with an oil until she literally slides into bed. This she claims is her skincare secret and the reason she always has glowing, flawless skin.

It’s the pits too

But for 2022, it’s not just our bodies getting the doughnut treatment, over on tiktok our underarms are facing the glow too. Apparently, the armpit facial (with over 367.4 million likes) is also gathering stream as people try to achieve a smooth, pore-free, glazed insta-perfect pit.

But the question is are either of these realistic once you walk away from social media? Discolouration is normal under the arms – especially for those with olive skin tones who are more susceptible to pigmentation. And, do you really want to look like you’re covered in sugar icing at brunch?

We are all for a hydrated, glowing finish – all our foundations have been designed to hydrate the skin and leave a natural glow - but we think we might leave this trend to Hailey and the metaverse.

What do you think?

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