Acne scars dragging you down? You need to try these ingredients…

Do you know a whooping 40 per cent of adults suffer from acne? With over 95 per cent of us suffering throughout our adolescent too. Basically, the majority of us can relate to the negative impact acne can have on your skin, as well as your emotional state. And, for those of us with olive skin the issue can cause further problems. Due to the higher level of melanin in olive and deep skin tones acne scars can become more prominent – and take a lot longer to fade.

What causes the dark spots?

This scarring, known as post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation can affect the face and body – especially anywhere regularly exposed to UV-rays or has experience sun damage – and although it will eventually fade over time it can take several years for it to fully vanish. 

It is caused by the skin over producing melanin, which is the pigment that gives colour to the hair, skin and eyes. It also absorbs harmful UV rays and protects the skin from light exposure. So, although olive skin benefits from the increase levels in terms of combating sun burn, the increase in the skin’s natural levels can cause pigmentation.

And it is not just a physical reaction. These dark spots can really take a toll on your mental state, damaging your confidence and always feeling like you need to hide them away. Have you tried everything to know success? Well, according to the experts these are the ingredients that work…

The ingredients you need

There are lots of skincare treatments on the market for combating acne scars and pigmentation. These are some of the best –

Salicylic acid – This gentle, yet effective acid will clear pores, reduce swelling and exfoliate the top layer of skin. This is why it is deemed  as one of the most effective     

Vitamin C – This powerful vitamin increases collagen production, which is the protein responsible for skin rejuvenation and repair. As it speeds up the skins renewal process it should repair the damage, or acne scar, as it will accelerate its natural fading cycle.

Azelaic acid – This naturally occurring acid is anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial, so it is very effective at treating acne. It also encourages cell turnover so it will help your skin heal quicker and scarring is minimised.

Retinoid – This is a go-to ingredient if you have cystic acne as it can help treat painful, inflamed breakouts as well as old wounds. It will even out skin tone and boost collagen production to increase healing.

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