Black eyeliner is making a major comeback

Ok. So, when it comes to eyeliner – Tik Tok is ALL over it. If you search #eyeliner over 7 BILLION videos will come up with everything from application hacks, new product recommendations, to using who knows what to create a variety of colours, textures, shapes and lines. Put it this way there is a lot of videos to process and it’s hard to know which ones are actually useful and which should just remain in the metaverse. FYI, we are talking about the kirby grip on your nose to pull your eyes apart, ok ouch… 

However, there are a few that are well worth taking note as they actually work.

Tape to create the perfect wing

Ok, so this looks really strange but it actually works. Using masking or surgical tape, please avoid Sellotape as this can really mark the skin even if that doesn’t come across on some of the tik tok videos we have seen, you apply from one corner of the eye under your nose and back up to the other corner of the face –and then across the eyelid in an upwards direction leaving a flick of skin in the middle – see here. Then using either eyeshadow, gel or felt tip liner fill this space in and allow to dry.

Once dried, remove the tape and Viola! The perfect flick. Oh, and before you buy into the whole Tik Tok reality this needs to be done first, not after you’ve applied a full base, as this will mark your foundation and leave you with weird lines.

Credit card for the win

Do you find you can apply liner perfectly along the lash line but once it comes to the flick you’re all over the place? Yep, us too. That’s when this simple credit card hack gives us life. Simply use the edge of the card, or anything straight as a ruler, and draw along the line. Allow to dry for a couple of seconds to reveal a perfectly straight line.

It’s so easy and lowkey effort it almost feels wrong.

Three dot finish

One of our favourite tips to come out of Tik Tok is the three-dot hack. Not only does it give you the perfect eyeliner flick, it feels like you’ve actually mastered a skill rather than cheat it like the above. Using your eyeliner add a dot to the middle of your upper lash line, another slightly taller dot half way between this dot and the outer edge. Then finish with a longer line at the outer corner. Once you’re happy with the placement join the dots and fill in the gap. You can then extend the flick further or leave as it is for more of a graphic finish.

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