Can olive skin pull off 2022’s ice blonde hair trend?

Icy blonde is BIG for 2022. One of the key trends in hair colour this pale hue instantly gives a high fashion edge. When it comes to olive skin, blonde can feel a bit scary if you’re on the deeper side of the spectrum – think Tan, Medium and Dark YG and YG+ on our EX1 Undertone tool – but as some of the most famous olive skin gals have proved before it shouldn’t be.

Lady Gaga and Kim K love to return to this pale beige shade when they want to make a statement and the results are incredible. But, what’s the secret? We asked expert colourist at Angelo Seminara Hair Salon Natalia Romanunic to reveal her tips.

Be proud to fake it

“The key is to not try to make it look natural,” says Natalia. “Especially for those with olive skin.” Unlike those with naturally blonde or light brown hair who try to create the illusion of lighten locks, this really light shade is pretty rare naturally so embrace the dye!

“I advise those with green and yellow undertones to keep a dark root, or add one if the natural hair isn’t dark already. This gives the colour more purpose and an edgy finish,” says Natalia.

Alter you makeup to match

“I always stress the importance of makeup to my clients,” says Natalia. “This will need to be adapted to the new hair colour to ensure it doesn’t drain the skin and make it appear ashen.” Once you have achieved the colour, spend some time going through your makeup bag and see how it looks with your new do. You may need to amp up the contour and blush to contrast the paler tones of your hair. Or switch up a peach blush for a pinker tone to warm up the skin.

But don’t touch your brows. “I wouldn’t recommend those with olive skin bleaching their brows to match the new colour,” explains Natalia. “Dark, natural brows look best and add to the overall effect of the icy blonde – especially matched with darker roots.”

Always seek a professional

This is definitely not one to try at home. Whatever the back if the box colour says you will not be able to transform dark hair to ice blonde in your bathroom. Depending on the natural hair texture, any previous colour and the shade you want to achieve will all affect how a professional hair stylist will achieve this colour. The chances are it will also take a bit of a process and multiple hair appointments to achieve this level of blonde.

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