Can you wear lilac eyeshadow if you have olive skin?

We show you how to make this year’s most covetable look work for you…

The days of fixed make-up looks are out the window, and now the accepted wisdom is that there are no rules whatsoever. If you want to wear a smoky eye and red lipstick, go for it. Is a more is more brow and a huge cat flick too much? Never. And the same goes for colours: everything is possible. So, now you’ve ditched the rules there’s no need to avoid cool tones like lilac – traditionally avoided if you had green or yellow undertones.

Go for a wash

Instead of layering up the lilac, think less is more. Make-up artist Jessica Kell says, ‘I love a simple wash of pale lilac over a whole lid.” This gives a nod to the trend without over powering your face. This hint of colour won’t make you skin look ash or grey – unlike a full on blended lilac eye.

Add a barrier

As always when applying an eyeshadow colour, a good few lashings of black mascara can make it feel less of a leap. “Accompany the look with a smattering of blacker than black mascara for an easy but vibrant summer look,” says Jessica. This will draw attention to the eyes and work as a barrier to your skin so it doesn’t work against your undertones.

Get the balance right

The trick to making this year’s hot eyeshadow trend look great on olive skin is to treat it like any other colour and think about the balance of make-up on your face, applying it and then checking to see if you need any bronzer or blush to make it look right. Use a blush with more of a pink undertone that orange so that it doesn’t work against the purple hue. This warm tone will also level up the cool and warm colours to give a more balanced finish.

Opt for a liner

If you’re still nervous and want to take it for an outing before committing to a large wash of colour, a thin line balanced along your eyelid can be a really effective but less daunting way to try it.


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