Could double cleansing me the thing your skin needs?

Sure, double cleansing has been mentioned a lot over the last few years. Before you roll your eyes thinking it’s just another way for brands to encourage you to buy more products, you would be wrong! When skin experts talk about doing the double, they are not referring to portion quantity or a shampoo-style rinse and repeat, it is in fact using two different products to ensure the skin is completely clean.

“Cleansing is probably one of the most important parts of your skincare routine,” explains Dr Hiber Injibar, Consultant Dermatologist and founder of Dermasurge, Harley Street (

“It isn’t just as simple as cleaning your face twice – it actually involves using two different types of cleanser,” says Dr Hiba

Start off with a cleansing oil

“The first cleanse should be oil based and is designed to remove makeup, pollution, and SPF at the end of the day,” says David Delport, Product Expert and Global Ambassador REN Clean Skincare. “The second cleanse will purify pores and get to work underneath to remove further surface laying toxins, balance skin oiliness, or calm irritation.”

“The reason this combination method is so effective is because water-based cleansers are unable to remove the oily impurities on the skin that an oil cleanser is able to dissolve,” explains Dr Hiber. “Once the daily dirt and grime has been brought to the surface of the skin, the water-based product can give a much deeper cleanse.”

But, remember…

“As a rule of thumb, you should only double cleanse in the evening,” explains Oskia Skincare founder Georgie Cleeve. “A single, simple cleanse is all you need in the morning as all you will be cleansing is slightly sweaty skin.”

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