Everything you need to know about removing waterproof mascara

A good mascara is like the holy grail of make-up. And when it comes to picking our favourite the list of requirements is endless. From curling to voluminising, lifting to lasting, we demand a lot.

That’s why when you find one that meets all your needs and stays put come rain, shine or emotionally toiling episode of This Is Us – it is the best feeling ever. However, this superior staying power can actually be a nightmare to remove.

Before you get scrubbing, it’s super important to treat this area delicately as excess pressure can cause serious damage.

Never leave it on

Considering the lazy girl method? Be aware. According to consultant dermatologist, dermatological and laser surgeon Dr Emma Craythorne it can actually cause serious damage to your lashes.

“It is important to remove waterproof mascara every day as if left on it can cause the lashes to dry out and increase in brittleness,” warns Dr Craythorne.  

“It also means the lashes are more likely to snag or get pulled out so removal is essential.”


It’s all in the ingredients

The secret actually has nothing to do with the technique, instead it is all about picking the right ingredients for the job.

“Waterproof mascara will need a special base to dissolve and to remove it – water-based is not going to work!” Explains Dr Craythorne.



However, reaching for your oil cleanser isn’t always the best option either as some can be too delicate for this sensitive area. Instead opt for a bi-phase, that’s oil and water mix of a micellar water, which has been designed specifically for this job.

Just remember to follow up with a full cleanse afterwards – this is a great place for your gel or oil-based cleanser – as it will lift any remaining particles to leave you squeaky clean.

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