Feeling parched? We’ve got five of the best lip balms

As the temperature drops and we retreat into our central heating each night you may have noticed your lips struggling with the change in temperature. Our lips can seriously suffer at this time of year due to the keratin, which forms the top layer of your skin, losing its flexibility and becoming fragile – resulting in chapped, sore and scaly lips.

Not only does this make it impossible to wear lipstick, as it flakes away and looks pretty awful. It can also be really sore, especially when you’re outside in the cold.

But, never fear we have compiled our five favourite lip balms so you can pucker up with pride –

The best all-rounder…

Oskia Cupid’s Bow Lip Balm, £26

If you’re looking for ultra-hydration, soothing ingredients and a hint of colour then this is the balm for you. This super lightweight nutritious balm, contains Avocado Oil and natural Shea Butter, combined with Vitamins A and E to ensure you lips will soon feel back to their best – whilst the subtle pink pigments give your pout a healthy-looking finish.

The best with added SPF…

Bondi Sands SPF50+ Lip Balm, £4.99

Is there anything worse than burnt lips? Although the skin on your lips reacts slightly differently to the rest of the body, lips can still burn and sun damage can result in skin cancer. It can also be harder to tell if the lips are burning throughout the day leading to deeper damage. Keep them protected all year round with an broad spectrum SPF like this  Bondi Sands balm. Created in Australia, where they take SPF seriously, this offers full protection without leaving a halo around the mouth. It also smells amazing!

The best lip oil…

Aroma Active Soothe Solid Lip Oil £8 

Do you love a lip oil but find them messy and inconvenient? Well, then this is the product for you. As it warms up on the skin the solid balm melts into an oil that instantly softens and soothes the lips. It also gives a gorgeous sheen to your pout.

The best for chapped lips…

LANO 101 Ointment, £10.99

When it comes to lip balms this is the OG of super-soothing multi-purpose balms. It contains  contains nothing but ultra-pure medical grade lanolin, which you can feel working the minute you apply to your lips. This is also so gentle it can be applied EVERYWHERE from chapped hands to dry elbows this uber-hydrating natural ingredient will become your go-to-for-everything product before long. It is even great for breast feeding mummas too!

The best lip mask…

Origins Drink Up Lip Butter, £16.50

Do you like the Origins Drink Up Intensive Face mask? This cult favourite has now been made into a lip product and offers the same nutrient-rich cocktail of apricot, avocado and mango-seed oil  to inject moisture to your lips. It can either be layered up for an intense overnight lip mask, applied for 15 minutes before make-up for a quick mask or used lightly throughout the day.

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