Hello February, goodbye good intentions?

Yep, as we start February all those good intentions and resolutions may now seem like a distant memory. Studies have found that up to 70 per cent of people will ditch all those good habits after a month even if they have had a positive impact on their life.  

From giving up alcohol to hitting the gym there are lots of benefits to keeping those resolutions through February and beyond so we have compiled a list to give you some inspiration.

Psst. Print it off and stick it on your fridge!

Drink more water

Yep, this might sound super simple but by drinking the recommended 2 litres of water a day you will increase your energy levels, flush out toxins, keep your (ahem) bowels regular, and improve your complexion. We like the 8X8 rule for keeping us hydrated – simply get an 8 oz cup (that’s the size of a small disposable cup) and fill it up every hour throughout the day.

Cut back on alcohol

Ok, so we are not expecting you to go tee total, but if you’ve just completed dry January you may find your skin has improved (check out this beauty editor’s skin journey after ditching the drink here) you have woken up feeling fresh and been making the most of your weekend. These are just some of the benefits of giving up the booze. Rather than restrict yourself try the 5:2. Five days off, two days on. Allow yourself to have a couple of glasses twice and week and the rest of the time go alcohol-free.

Get to bed on time

Regular sleep and waking times can have untold health benefits, as human beings our bodies like routine – from when we are babies to adults. By getting in a sleep pattern our body knows when it needs to relax and when it needs to wake up. You should try and stick to the same sleep and awake windows throughout the week – even on the weekend! And, try to hit the hay before 11pm if you can.

Start your day positively

We can’t stress the importance of starting the day right. It will not only benefit your mental wellbeing it will set you up in the best way possible. If you want more tips we have our guide here.

Keep on moving

Just 30 mins a day or two and a half hours a week (that’s just two gym classes and two 15-minute walks by the way!) of movement will not only improve your physical appearance it has now been proved to extend your life span. Movement doesn’t need to be sweating it out in the gym it can be going for a walk with a friend, a yoga class, gentle bike ride – even a deep clean or a dance in the kitchen! Whatever you want to do to get your heart rate up all has its benefits.

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