How to choose the right bronzer for your skin

Even as we head into colder months and the weather is more grey than gorgeous, you can still fake a golden glow like you’re back from a winter sun getaway in the Caribbean. A sweep of the right tone bronzer can be a total beauty game changer for every skin tone from pale olive to deep olive, so let’s get glowing!

But, how do you find the right shade? Simply suss your skin tone and what it naturally does when you’ve been in the real sun to find the right bronzer for you:


How does your skin react to the sun?

Think about when you were last on a lounger (OK, it might have been a while) but how quickly did you tan? If you only have to look at the sun to get sunkissed you probably want to look for a warmer tone bronzer – one with a golden tone.

If you tried for days to get some colour but ended up burning and as pale as ever, you probably have cool undertones, therefore you should be looking for a peach or orange hue as this will complement the cooler tones of your skin.


How does your skin react to jewellery?

Another tip is to look in your jewellery box - what do you have most of gold or silver? If you think golden jewellery suits you best, you will probably suit a product with warm undertones. If silver seems to suit then you’re likely to look great with a cooler tone.

Quick go-to guide

Warm olive undertones: Lucky you! Most shades of bronzers will work on your skin tone. But to really compliment golden shades are your go to.

Cool olive undertones: If you think you have cool undertones, peachy keen is the most flattering tone for you.


Neutral olive undertone: Finding the right shade can be harder if you have neutral undertones to your skin. A good trick it to swap your bronzer for a pressed powder or look for a bronzer with golden tones. Experiment with a multi-tone palette until you find your most flattering.

Spotlight: Fatima Truscott @the_ft_times reveals her favourite bronzer

“I always have PIXI Summer Glow Palette - Sheer Sunshine 24.3g - LOOKFANTASTIC in my handbag. It allows so many options as it works with my complexion as it changes through the year. If it looks sallow and needs brightening on grey days, or enhancing a deeper glow in summer it gives such believable results.  My skin tone is a mixture of Filipino and Mauritian and this suits it perfectly.”

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