If you’ve got olive skin you need to try this 90’s brown lip

In the nineties and early noughties brown lipstick was a thing. A major thing. It was the look of the “Supers” (Cindy Crawford, Christy Turlington, Linda Evangelista, Naomi Campbell, and Claudia Schiffer), the Spice Girls and popstars like Brandy and Jennifer Lopez. And now it is back. And the best news for those with olive skin is that it is the easiest shade to wear.

Yep, back in the nineties, brown was the hue of the day regardless of your skin tone, however with the 2021 reboot (less shimmer and a pink rather than gold undertone) the current wave of brown lipstick suits everyone – but the real winners are those with olive skin.

Brown perfectly balances with the yellow and green undertones in the skin making it the one colour that will universally suit anyone wherever you sit on the olive skin spectrum.

Three things when it comes to wearing brown lipstick –

  1. Do not clash your liner with your lippie. Back in the nineties, a contrast lip liner was the look du jour. But, not anymore. This time around you want your liner to blend rather than be visible so pick a neutral shade similar to your natural lip colouring and blend inwards so the line is blurred.
  2. Add shimmer. But not too much. The original trend contained a lot of gold pigment, and was more metallic. Now you want to ditch the glitter and instead opt for a subtle shimmer. Think adding dimension not reflection!
Keep the rest of your make-up tonal. This will ensure the look is elegant, rather than grunge. Try wearing a wash of brown on your lids and keeping your blush in the same tonal family. EX1 Cosmetics Blush in Love Story is the ideal pairing.

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