Interested in dermaplaning? We have the low down on why it could be your next MVP

What is dermaplaning?

Originally an exclusive salon treatment, dermaplaning is a process that removes peach fuzz, unwanted facial hair and the top layer of dead cells from your skin – meaning it packs a punch when it comes to its glow-getting benefits. And the good news is it can now be done in the comfort of your own bathroom, with the help of an at-home tool. This small thin blade is placed in a slim handle designed to be swept across the skin in a smooth motion. It is sharp enough to remove anything on the surface of the skin without precision (unlike tweezers.)

What are the benefits?

Amy Anzel, Dermaplaning Expert and CEO of Hollywood Browzer Beauty, says “removing hair, dead skin cells and built up debris from the skins’ surface by dermaplaning has multiple benefits. Not only does it leave your skin looking brighter immediately after treatment, but it also creates a better, smoother canvas for make-up and helps your skincare products penetrate much better as there is no longer any barrier on the skin.” Our favourite perk is that sloughing excess grime from the skin is also really effective at helping to keep breakouts at bay.

How to dermaplane at home

“First, place the blade at a 45-degree angle on clean, dry skin,” says Amy. “Then, holding the skin taut with one hand, use your dominant hand to brush the blade in a downwards direction using short, light, feathery strokes, on every area that you feel needs a de-fuzz and deep exfoliaton.” Always remember to keep wiping the edge of your blade on a tissue after every few strokes, and follow your treatment with a cream or moisturiser to replenish skin’s moisture.

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