Keep seeing the word oxidising on TikTok? We explain all…

When it comes to beauty influencers there always seems to be a new buzzword. From hybrid to ultra-hydrating, nudevirsal to colour-matching you sometimes need your very own dictionary to understand all the terms and turn of phrases. One key word we keep noticing is oxidising, just add it into your search box and there are a million hacks to prevent, products to steer clear of, and ways to counteract it. But, what is it? Let us break it down…

Oxidising: The Truth

So, when you cut into an apple or an avocado you will notice are after a period of time the flesh will start to change colour. This is due to a chemical reaction called oxidation – where one molecule loses some of its electrons and increases its oxidation number. This change can alter the appearance and hey presto you have a perfectly ripe avocado looking brown and withered within the hour. However, it doesn’t just happen to food it can also happen to cosmetics – and when it does it can change the colour.

How do you stop it?

There is honestly nothing worse than leaving the house with a perfectly flawless skin matched finish to catch yourself in the mirror and see a halo of orange in its place. This could be down to a number of factors and some of them can be easily fixed with these simple tips –

  1. Always clean your face prior to applying your make-up. This may sound simple, but if you don’t have a clean base your make-up can react to the dirt, grime, sweat and dare we say it yesterday’s make-up which will all alter the appearance throughout the day.
  2. If you have oily skin don’t skip the toner. Did you know a product is far more likely to oxidise if you have oily skin. By using a facial toner after you’ve cleansed it will wipe away any excess oil and balance the PH level in the skin.
  3. If you’re still struggling switch to a water-based moisturiser. It may be that you need to avoid heavier formulas under your make-up if you want to keep your base flawless. Look for a water-based moisturiser like Simple Water Boost Hydrating Moisturiser, £6.99
Pick the right foundation for your skin tone. Ok, so we don’t want to brag or anything but did you know EX1 Cosmetics Foundation was developed for those with yellow or green undertones? It has encapsulated golden pigments so it colour matches and doesn’t oxidise. Click here to find your perfect shade now.

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