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Look who’s back. Back again. Blush is back, tell your friends…

Look who’s back. Back again. Blush is back, tell your friends…

When something gets over 490 million views on Tik Tok. You know it is making waves in the beauty world. Blush has been the breakthrough beauty item for 2021 and its only getting bigger.

It may have taken off on social, but it is actually down to the new innovative blushers on the market. This new breed comes in a variety of textures, multiple finishes and a plethora of colours that together have sent this former staple into the forefront of our make-up bags.

But, what’s the right one for you? We explain the different type so you can choose the product best suited to your needs.

Creamy Delight 

Cream blush has been around for a while, but their staying power has always been somewhat lacking. The moisturising ingredients mixed with the colour pigment tended to look great on application, but after an hour it absorbed into skin. Well, not anymore! These new products contain all the same moisturising ingredients that make skin look radiant, and stay put.

Good for…

EVERYONE! If you have cheeks - you should be adding a cream blush to your beauty arsenal.


Powerful Powder

The most popular kind of blusher. Traditionally, this soft matte finish has been the go-to texture and ideal if you have oily skin, which can cause cream or liquids to slip off. It gives a blurred finish similar to Instagram’s Paris filter IRL. However, when it comes to colour payoff, it’s a bit like a bad relationship – either it comes on too strong or it makes so little impact it’s not worth the effort.

Good for…

If you like a powder foundation then you should stick to a powder blush on top, as a cream or a liquid will not blend well into the base – appearing blotchy and uneven.

Liquid Dreams


Over the years liquid blush has tended to work like more of a stain – with a matte finish – that sank in quickly and was hard to blend out. It’s 2021, and the new gen liquids are the ideal cream/stain hybrid, offering a soft, sheer dewy look. Perfect for adding a hint of natural-looking colour, but that can also be built up to create a statement finish.

Good for…

Creating a no make-up look as the liquids blend seamlessly into the skin as it offers a natural, less made-up finish. 

Get The Looks

Before you slap it on your cheeks, the real MVP when it comes to blush is the placement. A sweep across the apples will just not do in 2021. So, we’ve gone to the experts to get some must-do application tips to transform your look.



This has been the holy grail move for blusher in 2021.

For a ‘lifted’ look that elongates the face, place the blush higher and closer to the cheekbones,

explains Make-up Artist Aimee Connolly.

Then, blend it in an upward motion towards the temples.

This simple switch opens up the face and makes it appear more feline than flat.

Sunkissed glow

Skin looking like it needs a dose of vitamin D? Skip the bronzer and try a coral or peach tone blush instead.

These shades work if you’re looking to brighten dull, tired skin,

says celebrity make-up artist Lan Nguyen-Grealis.

Use cream or liquid as it will look more realistic and softer - apply slightly along the top of the cheeks and tap out with fingers - dab some on the nose too.

According to Lan, the secret is to add a touch to your hairline and sweep over your lids too. This ties the look altogether so your complexion works as one, giving an overall glow.

Healthy Flush


Nothing beats that post workout flush, but if you’re feeling tired, try these tips to fake it.

Pick a blush shade similar to your natural flush during exercising,

says Lan.

As this will give you the most natural results.

Then, place the blush onto the apples of the cheeks and also softly across the nose. A touch on your chin and the middle of the forehead will give it a natural-looking finish. 

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