Meet the next gen lipsticks…

With restrictions lifting and normality soon to be restored we can finally welcome back lipsticks into our lives. During the last two years lipstick sales have plummeted due to mask wearing and WFH – but we are pleased to see they are making a comeback just in time for Valentine’s Day.

As part of the revival, we are seeing lots of new textures, shades and applicators coming through. From liquid to tailored tips this new gen of lippie is working hard to give you your best pout ever and all available in wide number of shade ranges – ideal for olive skin.

We have selected our favourites and handpicked the shade just for you. If you’re still unsure of your skin tone remember to try our Discover Your Undertone tool now. In a few minutes it will reveal the exact level of green and yellow undertones in your skin and give you a moodboard with all the colours and shades that will suit your skin – think of it as you very own makeup artist. And remember once you try the tool these moodboards will sit in your account so you can refer back to them whenever you are about to make a purchase.

The new liquid lippie

Say hello to Huda Beauty’s new and improved liquid matte lipstick. This was one of the key products to launch this brand to cult status back on 2016 and believe us when we say this reformulation does not disappoint.

Huda Beauty New Liquid Matte Ultra-Comfort Transfer Proof Lipstick, £24

Best for YG light/medium/tan/dark – Miss America

Best for YG+ light/medium/tan/dark – Trophy Wife

Best for N light/medium/tan/dark - Famous

The contour lipstick

What if we were to tell you that a lipstick could contour your lips? Well, that’s the theory behind Sensai’s new contouring lipstick. It is made up of multiple layers that as applied to the lips add dimension and depth as well as pigment. Inspired by Japanese ink painting, the Sumi shadow pigments imbue colour with a hint of shade to enhance the shape and texture of lips. These lipsticks are amazing for anyone with olive skin as they work with yellow and green undertones. Oh, and they are refillable so perfect if you are looking for more conscious makeup choices.

Sensai Contouring Lipstick, £27

Best for YG light/medium/tan/dark – Deep Orange

Best for YG+ light/medium/tan/dark – Rose Pink

Best for N light/medium/tan/dark – Warm Red

The lip plumping gloss

When you’re after a seriously plumped pout then you need to invest in a Morphe Make It Big Plumping Lip Gloss, £24. This vegan plumping formula is made with hyaluronic acid to keep lips deeply moisturised and hydrated for amplified plumping effect. Infused with peppermint oil for a daily nourishing treatment that gives lips a long-lasting instant refresh.

Best for YG light/medium/tan/dark – So Fire

Best for YG+ light/medium/tan/dark – Big Pink Energy

Best for N light/medium/tan/dark – Poppin’ Purple

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