If you’ve got Halloween plans but zero skills to pull off a Tik Tok worthy make-up look we’ve got your back. These simple tricks will treat you to a professional looking finish in minutes.

Ombre lips

Who remembers the ombre lips trend? Guaranteed to give you a full pout and spooky finish all you need is a black eyeliner and a red lipstick to pull it off. Simply apply black eyeliner to the outside of your lips and carefully smudge with your fingers inwards. Then using a red lipstick apply on top of the black liner and dab to ensure it blends in with the liner. Et Viola! 

Zombie Eyes

The perfect cover up for dreaded eye bags, simply apply black eyeliner to the lower waterline and underneath the lower lash line. Then using a black or charcoal grey eyeshadow sweep across your eye bags. The key is to avoid mascara on the top and instead only apply on the bottom lashes to draw the eyes downwards. Now get ready for a deathly stare!

Ghostly highlight

Give your skin a ghoulie glow by adding highlighter across your nose and cheeks, up across the temples and over the forehead. Think of applying in a superhero mask shape. By adding the product in one area, rather than your high points, it will give skin a halo of colour – leaving the eyes to look slightly sunken.

 Such a doll

Spent all year perfecting your ’21 blush placement? Well, forget everything you’ve been told and apply in a circular shape in the centre of your cheeks. This will give you a childlike appearance that teamed with excess mascara and white eyeliner on the inside of your waterlines can be anything but cute.

Witchy Tricks

One of the simplest make-up looks to pull off is a sultry witch. All you need is a deep purple lipstick, black mascara, purple eyeshadow and black eyeliner. To give your eyes the wow factor, use a credit card or masking tape to mark out a diagonal line from the corner of your eye upwards. Keep in place as you apply the eyeshadow and then remove like a stencil once you are happy with the colour. If you have a steady hand, you can add even more drama by following the diagonal line with your eyeliner.

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