Oily skin? We bust the one skincare myth we bet you still believe…

 If you spend your life blotting away excess shine and constantly look for mattifying products – listen up! According to skincare experts, investing in a facial oil could be the answer to your shiny skin woes.

Yep, this additional step to your skincare regime, sandwiched in between your serum and moisturiser, could be exactly what you need reduce the level of oil production in your skin.


“Oils don’t necessarily equate to ‘grease’, as is often the assumption,” says skin expert Natali Kelly (https://www.natalikelly.com/)

“If used correctly, it can replenish your skin’s natural oils, keeping levels balanced and breakouts at bay - even if you have oily skin.”

Greasy or dehydrated?

Did you know excess oil could actually be a sign of dehydration? Say what?!


“When skin is dehydrated or really dry, it can result in your sebaceous glands overcompensating,” explains Holly Wagman, Head of NPD at Zero by Skin Academy.

“The increase in sebum production to keep skin hydrated, creates the unwanted extreme glow.”


Holly recommends checking your complexion first thing in the morning to see if this could be the case. You can do this at home by simply pressing a clean tissue and against your face. If there’s any residue left on the tissue the chances are your skin could actually be dehydrated.

Not all oils are created equal

For combination and oily skin types, look for jojoba, marula or hazelnut oil – as these are lighter and easily absorbed.

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