Petrified of purple? There’s no need to avoid this festive favourite with these tips

Sound the fashion claxon! We are here to bust the myth and tell you that olive tones not only can but SHOULD wear purple. The reason? Purple and olive sit opposite each other on the colour wheel making them complimentary colours. Your yellow and green undertones lend themselves really well to purple for the same reason. It truly is a match made in colour heaven. So, the big question remains, how on earth do you find the right hue for you? 

It’s quite easy really just follow these top tips 

Tip 1: Look in the mirror and take note of your skin tone, this is the colour you see staring back at you. You will be either pale, mid-tone or deep olive. Your tone very literally decides which purple shade is for you. The lighter your skin tone the darker your purple, think eggplant, burgundy and plum. The deeper olive you are the lighter your purple, violet, mauve and lavender are your go to. Finally, if you find yourself in between the two you are a neutral and should go for a true purple like Cadbury’s purple, royal purple and amethyst. 

Tip2 : Now that you know your shade, try before you buy. Head to the shops and pick up a few purple pieces in your shade range and hold it up to your face. If it makes your complexion seem brighter, ding ding ding we have a winner.

Tip 3: Purple is one of those colours that goes with pretty much every colour of the rainbow. Yellow, yes please! Pink or blue absolutely. Even an orange or a green work perfectly, don't be afraid to go big and bold.

Tip 4:  Purple is a colour of royalty and should never have to fight for attention, therefore it should never ever be worn with black. You’ve been told.

Tip 5:  Shhhh, we are going to let you into a little secret. When in doubt go lilac.  Lilac seems to be the magical hue that suits all olive skin tones. Making it our fool proof favourite.

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