Purple Blush? We are here for it…

Maybe it’s a post Halloween make-up hangover, or the release of Fenty’s blush in Drama Cla$$, but purple blush is having a moment. With Tik Tok stars and Instagrammer’s all over the look, #PURPLEBLUSH has had nearly 900 million views on TikTok. With most people shocked to find this garish shade can actually be very wearable, really pretty and the perfect shade for most skin tones. Especially olive skin, yaas…

Yep, it’s true. For those with green and yellow undertones, purple can really make your skin pop. As it sits on the opposite side of the colour spectrum, so it works with the undertones rather than against them.

How to pull off purple

It’s all about the placement. When it comes to purple, too high and you can look bruised, too low and you can appear tired. Instead, you want to leave your apples completely bare and sweep in an upward motion slightly underneath your cheekbone in an upward direction. This will pull the eye upward, add definition and warm up the skin. 

How to pick your shade

This is the time to go bold or go home. According to colour theory you want to pick an emerald hue as this will perfectly complement the yellow undertones in olive skin. However, if this is too bright, or you have pale olive skin, a lilac with a subtle shimmer will add warmth to the skin without the fear factor.

Keep the rest of your make-up simple

Let your blush do all the talking and keep the rest of your make-up effortless. A flawless base really sets the look and acts like a blank canvas for the purple blush. Apply your EX1 Cosmetics Liquid Foundation with a dampened beauty egg, building up the coverage until you reach the desired finish. Complete the look with a neutral lip, fluttery lashes and a simple eyeliner flick.

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