Stay away from blue? There’s no need! We’ve got the hues that work for olive skin.

We take you through fashion school to uncover the blue hue for you

Before we start, are you ready for some math and science? Because when it comes to finding the right blue for your olive skin tone it’s all about the percentages.

In order to find the hue just for you, we need to break it down a little. We can talk undertones and overtones, warmth or coolness and all the words and jargon that gets thrown around when it comes to the shade of your skin. But all that can make any person's head spin. To put it simply, olive skin is made up of… Yellow (Overtone) + Blue (undertone) = Green (like an olive) you with me? 

Now, some of you will have more yellow and will be on the warmer side of the wheel, others will have bluer and fall on the cooler side and some will have equal parts which puts you bang smack in the middle and you are a neutral. And, all this helps you find your true-blue hue, confused? Let’s get even deeper.


If you tend to be on the pale side of olive with lighter coloured hair, you are warm. You generally have a more yellow tone and your happy hue goes from cobalt to navy. When in doubt, go dark.

If you are on the darker side of olive with dark hair, you generally have more of a blue undertone, you are as cool as a cucumber and your happy go to hue goes from pastels through to bright, think baby blue to turquoise. 

Lastly, the inbetweeners. You lie right in the middle with skin tone and hair colour and your go to happy hue is right in the middle with you too, from sky to periwinkle to cornflower


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