The ingredients you need to beat dark under-eye circles

Struggling with dark circles? These experts reveal the ingredients your eye cream needs to make a real difference

Do you wake up after a good night sleep and STILL struggle with dark circles or puffy eye bags? Well, you are not alone. Olive skin tends to contain higher levels of melanin, which is why pigmentation and dark circles are a common complaint for those of us with olive undertones.

The skin underneath the eye is around 40 per cent thinner than the rest of your face – which is why you should always use your ring finger when applying cosmetics or make-up to the area as it is prone to damage if tagged too strongly – and therefore the network of vessels and tissues are more visible. AKA dark circles.

However, there are some ingredients you should look out for in your skincare, which can improve the appearance.

“Applying peptide-infused products to the skin will help decrease under eye bags,” says Dr Murad, board certified Dermatologist and Founder of Murad Skin.

“Skin-quenching ingredients such as shea butter and macadamia nut oil firm and awaken the eye area; while collagen and hyaluronic acid can help plump out lines.”

If dark circles are your main concern, Dr Murad recommends using an eye cream that contains vitamin c. 

“Vitamin c is rich in antioxidants so it will brighten the skin,” says Dr Murad.  

Before you think this means you can skip those extra zzz’s, Dr Murad has this warning -

“Look after your emotional well-being by making sure you’re getting a full and restful night’s sleep. During the sleep cycle your skin rebuilds and repairs itself, so you must allow your body and mind enough time to rest and rejuvinate.”

There are also a few simple lifestyle changes that can help according to Dermatologist Dr Harryono Judodihardjo. Such as sleeping on a higher pillow so fluid can drain away from the area.

“You can also reduce inflammation by using cold compress,” says Dr Judodihardjo. “Cold tea bags are a great DIY option - as tea contains antioxidants – so it can help calm down inflammation too.”

Right, that’s it we are off to buy a new pillow and fish the used tea bags out the bin!


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