The rules you should follow when it comes to injecting colour into your wardrobe

If you take a quick squiz over your wardrobe are the majority of your clothes tonal? By this, we mean blacks, whites and greys. Sure, you may have a couple of striped tops, some leopard print and some bold prints. But, do you find there are a few coloured pieces you bought on a whim, but rarely make it out the wardrobe? Well, you are not alone!


This common dilemma means that most people will allow their favourite pieces to gather dust rather than wear them ‘wrong’. But, we are here to tell you colour should not be something you shy away from. In fact, olive skin in colour is one of the best combinations for really complementing this beautiful skin tone.

It's just about knowing which one to go for and how to wear them.

Like the forever brilliant and lover of colour Trinny Woodall says “My philosophy is that everyone can wear every colour- you just have to find the right shade for you.”  

So how do we do that? 


If we wrap our heads around the fact that anyone can wear any colour as long as it's in the right shade, we can break it down into a simple rule - 

Rule one: The darker your skin tone, the lighter your shade of colour. 

If you are a deep olive you should play within the pastels. Think powder blues, lemon yellows and blush pink. If you are mid-tone you are exactly that, in the middle and you can wear sunny yellow, sky blue and grass green, but if you are on the paler end of the olive spectrum you need to head darker - think mustard, bottle green and raspberry. 

Now, we have established which shade is best for you, it all about figuring out how to wear it and again.

Rule two: Always wear colour with colour  

This will make wearing colour easy and effective. There are 3 ways to achieve this by using the colour wheel 

  1. Go tonal

This is pairing colours within the same family, for example: shades of blue, from pale to navy

  1. Everyone needs good neighbours

This is wearing colours that sit next to each other on the colour wheel, for example: red and orange or red and pink. 

  1. Clash those colours

This is combining colours that sit opposite  each other on the colour wheel for example: pink and green 

So go on and give it a go, we promise it will bring so much joy to your day.

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