Dark circles? You need to read these simple tricks NOW!

If you find no matter how many hours sleep you get, you’re still waking up with swollen eyes and dark circles - you're not alone. Olive skin tends to contain higher levels of melanin, which is why pigmentation and dark circles are a common complaint for those of us with olive undertones.



Eye bags and darker circles are a natural part of the ageing process – over time, skin naturally loses collagen and grows thinner,

explains Daniel Ezra, Harley Street oculoplastic surgeon and ophthalmologist and consultant surgeon at Moorfields eye hospital.

Therefore, the network of vessels and tissue are more visible.

Before you think this means you can skip those extra zzz’s, Dr Murad has this warning - 

Look after your emotional well-being by making sure you’re getting a full and restful night’s sleep. During the sleep cycle your skin rebuilds and repairs itself, so you must allow your body and mind enough time to rest and rejuvinate.

There are also a few simple lifestyle changes that can help according to Dermatologist Dr Harryono Judodihardjo. Such as sleeping on a higher pillow so fluid can drain away from the area. 

You can also reduce inflammation by using cold compress,

says Dr Judodihardjo.

Cold tea bags are a great DIY option - as tea contains antioxidants – so it can help calm down inflammation too.



Use a colour corrector

Whilst you add a new pillow to your amazon order and fish the used tea bags out the bin, these are the top tips to hiding your dark circles –

Instead of going straight in with heaps of concealer, try swiping on a specialised colour correcting product onto the under eye first.  

For olive skin, it is best to look for colour correctors with a more peachy/orangey tone,

says professional make-up artist, Aimee Connolly.

Apply a super thin layer to counteract the darkness under the eye – this will make it easier to blend concealer on top. 

Avoid ‘cakey’ make-up 

When it comes to covering up dark circles, less is more,

says Marc Sinclair, Regional Trainer at MAC Cosmetics.

Cakey make-up can make dark circles look worse, and this happens when too much product is applied. Build up thin layers of colour corrector or concealer under the eyes ONLY in the areas where it is needed, and set with a super lightweight translucent powder.

Try blending a tiny drop of EX1 Delete Fluide Concealer, £10.50 (Ex1cosmetics.com), into skin before using Real Techniques Setting Brush, £7.99 (Lookfantastic.com), to tap on a light dusting Translucent Powder.

Hydrate under eyes first 

Adding layers of make-up to skin that is parched never ends well.

Skin prep is always important for seamless application, so apply a hydrating, brightening eye cream before going in with make-up and be sure to allow the product to sink into the skin properly before trying to blend in any concealer,
says Marc.

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