Unsure of how to use highlighter on your olive skin? We’ve got you sorted...

There are loads of beauty pros to having olive skin. A major one: warm and cool olive skin both pair really well with different colours so if you’ve got yellow or green undertones, you’ve got lots of scope to play and let your creativity shine. 

There’s just one downside: highlighter can be a bit of a minefield thanks to the variety of undertones which might make you a bit nervous that you’ll end up with a sheen that either looks too cool, or one that is unnaturally warm.

 Highlighter 1

Here’s how to ace it every time. 

The foundation highlighter hybrid 

If you are still figuring out how and where highlighter might work on your olive skin, start by mixing a little into your foundation, or by adding a layer underneath.

 Highlighter 2

Make-up artist Jessica Kell says,

This trick really helps to elevate the tanned and golden tones and keeps foundation fresh and glowing. My go to is Charlotte Tilbury Wonder Glow Primer, which works on every complexion.

Try a glaze

Before you even start to add any highlighter with lots of shimmery pigment in, opt for something that offers more of a sheeny, translucent texture. Make-up artist Sonia Deveney recommends Tom Ford Shade and Illuminate: ‘It’s really sheer and it very soft and subtle. Put it on cheekbones, the bridge of your nose, and the top of your cupid’s bow.

Highlighter 3

Do the jewellery test

If you’re ready to try something with a bit of pearl in it but don’t know whether to try a cool or warm hue, take your cue from your jewellery box: if you wear lots of silver, it’s likely that silver flatters your skin tone. Equally, if gold is more your thing, then ditch the pealy finish and go for gold as the warmth might be a better option.

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