When it comes to vegan beauty products - we are here for it. But, what does it mean?

We cut out the buzzwords to explain all…

Let’s be honest. When it comes to product labelling it can all be a bit of a minefield. From funny little graphics to the use of marketing buzzwords it’s not always easy to cut through the jargon – especially when trying to make more environmentally-conscious choices when it comes to buying beauty products.

One of the most frequent questions we’ve been asked at EX1 Cosmetics is - Are your products vegan? And the good news is – YES! It was an important move for us as a company, but also let’s face it if we can avoid animal-derived ingredients then we should. But, what does that really mean?

Before you think we’ve packed our foundation full of kale, being vegan doesn’t mean we have to change the whole formula, it just means we created it without the use of certain ingredients. Thankfully by eliminating these from our formula it didn’t affect the quality – we are still the number one match for olive skin.

But, you can also rest assured you will never find any of the below in our range –

Lanolin – or wool wax, is secreted by wool-bearing animals such as sheep

Collagen – a protein mainly sourced from beef or fish

Biotin – mainly sourced from meat, fish and eggs

Snail mucus – the bodily secretion from a snail

Gelatin – derived from the collagen taken from animals

Squalene – a compound commonly taken from shark liver oil.

Silk Powder -taken from a silkworm’s cocoon

Honey/Beeswax – due to how honey and beeswax is harvested it is not considered vegan

Carmine - derived from cochineal beetles


“If you want a flawless finish then you need to try EX1 Cosmetics. I use it on all my clients and always have a bottle in my personal make-up too. It looks so good on camera, doesn’t give any flashback, and gives skin a golden glow.”


“I have olive skin so I really wanted to try EX1 Cosmetics, as I had no idea what shade I would be. I tried the match me tool, thinking it was a bit of a gimmick, but it got my shade spot on. For someone will yellow or green undertones these products are amazing!”


“Before I used EX1 Cosmetics I tried EVERY premium foundation on the market. Some were ok, but most left me feeling disappointed and underwhelmed. I didn’t have much hope for a foundation costing £12.50, but I was SO wrong. The medium coverage looks like your skin but better and it doesn’t oxidise.”


“I’ve always been told I have warm or medium skin tone, but every foundation I ever tried was either too pink or too orange. After trying the skin classification tool and realising I have warm skin with green undertones – everything makes sense! Now, I look for make-up aimed at olive skin – like EX1 Cosmetics – and I have never looked back!”


“I used to mix at least two different foundations to create the right shade for my skin – until I found EX1 Cosmetics. The shade match is spot on and the formula blends perfectly into my skin. I love it.”


“I had seen that loads of celebrities using EX1 Cosmetics Foundation and I was intrigued to see if it lived up to the hyp e. It blew me away. The formula feels so premium for £12.50. I recommend it to everyone.