Could the secret to smooth, silky skin be glycolic acid? We find out...

We’ve all heard about acids and the benefits of a good glycolic for skin radiance, but did you know there’s now a real buzz about using this AHA all over your body?

Glycolic: great for skin renewal

Glycolic acid for your body is fast becoming an essential daily at-home exfoliation step for skincare geeks, rather than just for the occasional spa body peel as its such a gentle chemical exfoliant.


As we can often get a build up of dead skin on our bodies (our limbs and back don't get as much exposure as our hands and face), a daily low level chemical exfoliant can work keeping skin healthy and smooth. It’s also a great to keep bacne and other spot prone areas in check as it helps both fight and prevent acne, plus it excels at sloughing away flaky patches.

Glycolic: great for for keratosis pilaris 

You may not have heard the term, but KP is when the follicles of your skin (usually outer arms and thighs) overproduce keratin, so get clogged easily and don’t naturally exfoliate. Its most common on pale olive skin, but can affect any skin tone. 


This doesn’t mean you should grab the nearest loofah, in fact harsh exfoliation can actually make the bumps worse. Instead, look for gentle exfoliating products with glycolic designed to treat KP.

Glycolic: great for tan prep

When you need to prep your skin for self-tan glycolic should be your go-to.


The perfect tan starts with the perfect canvas, and glycolic acid gives you the optimum level of exfoliation meaning a longer-lasting flawless golden glow, says tanning expert Amanda Harrington.


This is why I included it in my tan-compatible skincare range; as using it once or twice a week means it works alongside DHA, whilst keeping your skin plump, hydrated and glowing.


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